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You have goals. Incent your people to reach for the stars with an unforgettable trip to Africa. We can show you new paths toward great success.

Safari Ventures is an award-winning provider of tours to premium destinations throughout Africa. Our tours are fully guided, with luxurious accommodations, even in remote settings. Our experience in incentive corporate travel makes Safari Ventures a great partner to reward your team.

When developing an incentive travel package, Safari Ventures has a three phased approach.

  1. Understand your business, its challenges and goals.
  2. Discuss what motivates your leaders.
  3. Develop a unique package to reward their efforts.

Because of the diversity within the continent of Africa, you can experience a nearly unlimited array of sites, cuisine, entertainment and culture. From deserts, shark dives to the majestic Great Migration, Africa offers unparalleled journeys. Our knowledge and experience will provide you skilled insight into what will work best for your incentive awards.

Fill out the form below to request information and more. Our Safari Consultants will team with you to create a tailor-made trip that will inspire and thrill your team.

The possibilities are endless!

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